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How to Make Your Own Molds with the Amazing Mold Putty Amazing Mold Putty allows you to quickly and easily make a silicone rubber mold with 20 minutes that can then be used for resin, ice, chocolate, sugar, Jello, soap, polymer clay, cement, plaster, embellishments, findings, jewelry, and so much more. Simply mix equal amounts of the putty together, roll into a ball, and roll the putty over the item you wish to mold. 15 minutes later the silicone will have cured into a flexible rubber mold that can be used to pour replicas of the original item over and over again.
How to easily cast your own parts using the Amazing Casting Resin The Amazing Casting Resin is an extremely easy to use product that allows you to cast exact duplicates of your mold very quickly. The Amazing Casting Resin cures in 5-10 minutes and can be painted, drilled, machined, tapped, and even dyed. Simply mix the two components together and mix thoroughly for 30-40 seconds. Then pour into your mold mold. If you are not using a silicone mold, you must use mold release.
Molding & Casting Embellishments This video demonstrates how easy it is to create, mold, and cast your own embellishments using Amazing Mold Putty and Casting Resin from Apply this same process and technique to make pieces for any crafting idea or project.
Amazing Mold Putty - 2 Piece Mold Amazing Mold Putty can be used to mold parts/pieces that are more 3-dimensional and do not lend themselves to a one piece mold. This video shows you how you can make a two piece mold for parts like these.

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How to get the most detail from your mold


PDF (Printable) Instructions for:

Making a Mold & Painting

Full tutorial also found here:

Making a Different Mold and Casting a Piece


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Review: Amazing Mold Putty

How to Make Your Own Molds with Amazing Mold Putty

Mold Putty Wrap-Up


Basic Instructions:

Amazing Mold Putty

Step 1
Measure equal amounts of side "A" and side "B" of the Amazing Mold Putty.

Step 2
Then knead the two sides together until a uniform color is reached (approx. 45 seconds, try to have this accomplished before the 1 minute point).

Step 3
Roll the mixed Amazing Mold Putty into a ball to eliminate seams in the putty.

Step 4
Then press the Amazing Mold Putty over the part. Start at one end and roll/press the mixed Amazing Mold Putty over the piece until it is completely covered.

Step 5
Let stand, without moving it, for approximately 20 minutes.

Step 6
Once the Amazing Mold Putty has hardened, flex the mold and remove the original you made your perfect mold from.

Video Tip:
How to get the most detail from your mold

Amazing Casting Resin

Step 1
The first step in making a cast replica using Amazing Casting Resin is to measure out equal amounts of side "A" and side "B".

Step 2
Pour the two sides together into a new cup.

Note: Do not use styrofoam cups for they may break down.

Step 3
Mix until a uniform color is reached (stir for approximately 25 seconds).

Step 4
Slowly pour the mixed casting resin into the mold. Tipping it a little while you pour will help fill in any undercuts and reduce the chance of air bubbles being trapped in your cast piece.

Step 5
As your Amazing Casting Resin sets up you will see it start to change colors from a translucent yellow color to an opaque white as seen in this picture.

Step 5
Once the Amazing Casting Resin hardens (approx. 5-10 min.), remove your cast part from the flexible mold. Your cast part will have the exact detail of your original part and can be painted, stained, machined, tapped, or glued.




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